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Type-thing Services already performs editing of transcripts as we type a dictation.  Excellent conversion of dictation to a useful transcript requires many skills including conversion of spoken English to written, adjusting to dictator style, grammatical prowess, catching dictator errors, and reformatting content to intended purpose.  Speech recognition can capture most words, but it also introduces other errors and leaves out much of the formal grammar, punctuation, and formatting needed for a professional document.

With the advent of many Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems, some companies require their staff to use speech recognition technology as part of a dictation process.  The promise is cheaper dictation costs; however, that promise is usually not realized without editing of the recognized text.  Having a medical practitioner become the editor is certinly not cost effective.  See our Tips for Transcription section on this topic.

Type-thing Services can act as your company's speech recognition editor, accessing your recognized text and delivering refined dictation for your records.  We can securely interface with your EMR system to obtain text and audio to deliver refined dictation or documents.  Please contact us for additional information about this service.

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